Friday, 17 October 2014


301-A - Long John’s Flagpole Rock   (No Publ.)
301-B - Peaceful Livin‘   (No Publ.)
28 East Van Burren, Phoenix, AZ

Roller was from Farmington, AR - born on 1st Feb 1930. How he ended up in Phoenix AZ in 1958 - 40 feet in the air perched in a car on top of a flagpole is one of life's little pleasures. A DJ on KHAT Radio, he somehow decided to try and beat the flag-pole sitting world record (why? - I don't know but it was good publicity for him and the radio.) Anyhooooo, after 211 days (and 23 hours), he finally beat the record and won a brand new ford (which he had to sell as he spent a lot of money up in the air with only a cat for company - yes a cat!)
One day, he was joined at the Read Mullen Ford Car Lot by Al and Corky Casey who helped him record this side for the aptly named Flagpole label. Recorded 40 feet above in the car! (I played guitar behind Al Casey on his visit to the UK and I kick myself for not asking him about this.) Drums and bass were overdubbed later. Ned Mullan - who wrote both sides and I presume sang the A side - was part owner of the Car Dealership I presume. One of his daughters contacted me regarding getting a recording of this side- (which I don't have as I don't own the record) - but apart from that, Mr Ned is a mystery to me.

There is apparently blue label copies of this record. Whilst up in the air, he used to sell them to passers by who would throw money in a bucket which John would winch up and send the record down.

Source: Stephanie Chatain


  1. Ned Mullan was my father. Do you still have the 45? I would love to hear his voice again. He sang the song all the time and I can still hear parts of it in my head :) He passed away in 2006.
    Cathy Mullan Tucson, Az.

  2. Hello. Sorry I don't own the record. I have emailed the owner of the 45 and asked if he can send it to me as an mp3. Leave me your email address and if it arrives, I'll forward it to you.